Completion and Invoicing

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Once the repair stages have been completed, the vehicle will go through a Quality Control Check in accordance with ISO quality standards. Once the vehicle passes all tests it is ready to be returned to the customer. The bodyshop will notify the policyholder that their car is available for collection or delivery. Once keys have been returned to the policyholder and the courtesy car checked in, this marks the completion of the repair; and the job is ready for invoicing.

Maintaining a healthy cash flow demands that invoicing is completed quickly, accurately and in accordance with the terms of the work contract. Pinetree has all the tools to optimise your invoicing process, as seamless features ensure that your invoices are right first time, from checking applied rates and discounts through to recording authorisation values.

How our products help

Advance powers sign off and completion

Mobile Quality Control sign-off

Using the Advance Wingman App operatives can seamlessly record quality control (QC) sign-off, in accordance with ISO to mark the completion of a job. The Advance system creates a notification for the adminstration team via the intelligent action lists feature and prompts a call to the customer to organise return of the vehicle which triggers action lists for the accounts team to process invoicing.

Activeweb powers completion and CSI capture

Automatic notification to WP
Through its integration with the Advance bodyshop management system, Activeweb recognises when the job is completed and the vehicle is marked off-site and informs the work provider that the vehicle is completed – a key milestone for cycle time measurement.

Automated Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
We know customer feedback is key. Activeweb can also support your customer satisfaction efforts through delivering automated CSI functionality at the end of the repair cycle direct to policyholders. This provides key performance feedback to all parties based on Net Promoter or any bespoke system. Surveys can be issued via email or SMS to the policyholder on return of the vehicle to support maximum response rate.

Advance powers accounting and invoicing

Accounting links
Advance links with the leading accounting systems and provides customisable sales and purchase ledger links to accounting software packages. The system also provides a range of financial reports to enable analysis of financial performance.

Invoicing with estimate validation and a check against authorisation(s). Advance checks specific work provider rules and alerts you to potential issues that might delay payment, or just as importantly, alerts you where the job profitability is lower than expected.

Activeweb powers electronic invoicing

Automatic electronic invoicing
Activeweb facilitates automated electronic invoice submission and estimate comparisons for right-first-time invoicing. Activeweb gives repairers the ability to view invoice details per claim and broken down into cost categories, and then automate invoice submission and payment request.