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Once the deployed claim has been received by the bodyshop, the bodyshop customer services team will make initial contact with the policyholder. This initial contact is to firstly introduce the bodyshop and its services and to establish the extent of the damage and define estimate requirements. Through the initial contact conversation the bodyshop can establish whether the vehicle is driveable or non-driveable and whether the customers would prefer on-site or field-based estimation. Once understood, the bodyshop then schedules the estimation with the policyholder and, subject to the individual’s insurance policy, a courtesy car will be supplied.

How our products help

Booking diary and capacity planning b

Booking diary and capacity planning
The Advance booking diary gives complete visibility of bookings and bodyshop resources laid out within a simple day-diary format to support your bodyshop planning. The booking diary provides a clear view of your available resources on any given day allowing you to proactively manage your bookings against resources available on any given day to maximise utilisation.
In addition, full courtesy car management includes a comprehensive fleet availability schedule.

Real-time resource planning
The Advance industry-leading resource planning module drives production through mobile data capture and provides a clear visual workshop status with user-selectable views and colour-coded highlights to draw attention to any potential problems, allowing you to take action to keep the job on schedule or change the priority.

Supplier integration

Advance estimating has comprehensive links to all of the major estimating packages including Audatex, Inter-Est and GT Motive. All estimates, including Audatex, are converted into your own self-defined work stages, so you can separate strip and rebuild, deciding whether you want to split paint into prep, paint and polish – you are in full control.

Advance comes with a complete purchasing and stock control system offering total control of parts, stock items, consumables and third party services (sub-contract). As well as full electronic parts ordering capabilities with any connected suppliers.
Advance also integrates with all leading paint manufacturer paint scales to provide transparency of paint usage and assurance that correct schemes are used for all repairs to support charge-out.

Once the repair process has been completed and invocies raised these too can be exported seamlessly into your accounting software with export capability to Sage, Xero, Opera as well as our own generic export format for various other suppliers.

Advance powers customer contact

Intelligent action lists
From an action list, the repairer would have a list of customers they need to contact – they can select a range of predefined options within the Advance system to record the attempted contact. Once done the information is then sent to Activeweb and all actions are recorded.

Booking diary and capacity planning
The Advance booking diary gives a complete visibility of bookings laid out within a simple day-diary format, providing a clear view of your available resources on any given day. The booking diary also allows bookings for internal information and estimators’ appointments for on-site or mobile estimates.

Speedy Claim Entry Wizard
To make the booking as fast as possible, Advance has been designed with ease of use and speed in mind. Claim Entry Wizard functionalities, including instant search and automatic population, help to streamline tasks while both maintaining total accuracy and also supporting the customer experience.

Courtesy car bookings
To help manage courtesy car bookings, the Advance intuitive courtesy car booking system takes full control over your fleet of vehicles or virtual fleets via the Advance Fleet Management Interfaces. Advance auditing takes care of historic bookings allowing quick referencing to bookings against penalty notices.