Damage appraisal and parts ordering

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A vehicle damage appraisal inspection of the vehicle is conducted by an estimator. The results of the inspection are documented, photos of the vehicle are taken, and the information is passed on to the insurance company and / or provided to the customer depending on whether the vehicle is roadworthy, legal or based on customer preference. Many bodyshops will use online estimating systems such as Audatex to provide detailed estimates on repairs.

Once the insurer and the policyholder provide authorisation to repair the vehicle, all parts can be ordered as required for the repair and the repair is scheduled into the bodyshop’s management system through a priority loading system to ensure that the repair is completed in the shortest possible time. Once all the necessary parts for repair are received, work can begin. Prompt approvals are crucial here to ensure key-to-key time is kept to a minimum.

How our products help

Advance powers damage appraisal and parts ordering

Comprehensive estimating links
Advance estimating links to all of the major estimating packages, including Audatex, Glass’s, GT Motive, Inter-est and Autoquote, allow customer information to be uploaded as well as the more commonly requested facility of downloading calculated estimates. All estimates, including Audatex, are converted into your own self-defined work stages, so you can separate, strip and rebuild, decide whether you want to split paint into prep, paint and polish – you are in full control.

Parts control
Advance comes with a complete purchasing and stock control system, offering total control of parts, stock items, consumables and third party services (sub-contract). Advance also integrates with all leading paint manufacturer paint scales to provide transparency of paint usage, and assurance correct schemes are used for all repairs to support charge-out.

Activeweb powers damage appraisal and parts ordering

Automatic estimate upload 

Through the Activeweb system the estimate would be merged from third party estimating and uses the basic claim information collected by Advance merged with the estimate data. This reduces errors, double keying, etc.

Fast online authorisation management
Enables fast access to view, manage and approve the vehicle damage estimate, providing a multi-level engineering authorisation process for cost control and reduce vehicle off-road time.