Deployment to Bodyshop

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Speed of response is essential following a motor accident and the need to act quickly to minimise disruption for the policyholder is key. The next stage of the process sees the insurer select a bodyshop for the repair to take place and transfer the relevant detail. Typically this detail is sent via fax or email – creating a double keying exercise or forcing an unnatural process onto the bodyshop once the claim is received. By using Pinetree solutions these issues are removed.

How our products help

Activeweb powers deployment to bodyshop

Real time view of network capacity
Activeweb provides a real time view of Repair Network Capacity loading; which gives the claims handler the information they need to make a quick decision on where to allocate the repair to avoid delay.

Warm handover
The use of Activeweb allows a warm handover to the repairer, facilitating a real-time data transfer from the insurer system directly into the bodyshop management system. Activeweb seamlessly transfers the FNOL information to the repairer and this is usually the start of the key milestones to measure key-to-key.

Electronic FNOL Deployment

Electronic Claim Deployment allows the insurance company to automatically deploy claims to repairers within their network. Using e-FNOL functionality the FNOL captured by the claims team can be transfereed in real time from the insurance system to the bodyshop directly into the bodyshop management system; ensuring all information relating to the claim is transferred quickly and accurately

Electronic deployment by ActiveWeb also means that Cycle Time is mapped more accurately as ActiveWeb knows when the claim was taken at FNOL, when it was entered into the repairers system and every step from then on.

Central Deployment

ActiveWeb is also able to provide a solution to group repairer businesses who operate a central claims policy. Through intergration with Advance Central, ActiveWeb has the ability to deploy into a central group and then following receipt of the claim it can be allocated within the business according to their group capacity.  This allows the Repairer Groups to provide an enhanced service to the Insurer without requiring any change on the Insurer system at all.

Live progress management

Once a notification has been deployed, ActiveWeb tracks it on a live basis across all stakeholder systems. Any changes that happen to the claim within any stakeholders system are automatically reflected in ActiveWeb. All the information is brought together into a single, unified history for the entire claim so it can be viewed by any authorised party.

Advance powers deployment to bodyshop

Self-populating claim entry
Once FNOL is received from the insurer system via Activeweb, Advance automatically processes the Activeweb FNOL claim data and provides a visual notification that a new job has been received. The bodyshop has complete visibility of the claim detail which has been deployed directly into the bodyshop’s management system, cutting out the need to re-key data from the fax machine. This saves time and allows the bodyshop to respond more quickly to new claims.

Central deployment management
Through integration with Activeweb, Advance allows for claims to be deployed from the work provider to one central group and then, following receipt of the claim, it can be allocated within the business based on the bodyshop group’s capacity and loading. This is a seamless and straightforward process, with Advance managing all of the tasks in the background.
All a user needs to do is to select the claim and open the Repairer Situation pop-up, then select the new repair site. In the background Advance will automatically send the claim information to the new repairer including diary bookings, activities or attachments. This allows repairer groups to provide an enhanced service to the insurer without requiring any change to the insurer system.