First Notification of Loss

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Following an accident the policyholder notifies the insurer. At this stage the insurer’s claim handler will capture customer details, vehicle details and information about the nature of the accident raising a first notification of loss (FNOL) within the insurer claims system. FNOL is the initial step with any claim which is typically taken on the insurer system; and this information is then sent to the selected repairer. This information is often sent by either fax or email which can lead to operational frictions further down the process.

First Notification of Loss

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When we started the search for a software solution our objective was clear – we wanted a progressive product from a trademark organisation. Just over a year ago we chose Advance as Pinetree have a track record of continuous development, innovative products and an unparalleled synergy with many of the UK’s leading work providers. We are delighted with the recent Advance 7 update and are seeing an immediate benefit from a range of intuitive new features.

Dave Holley Managing Director, Holley Autobodies

"Our driving force is to become 'slicker, leaner & faster', whilst maintaining our high quality standards and customer journey. Advance was the ideal system to allow the Alton Cars group to maintain this ethos through its unrivalled central management information and control features; allowing Alton Cars to deliver improved customer service, efficiency and productivity"

Tony Parish Chairman, Alton Cars