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Once the vehicle enters the bodyshop, the damaged parts and panels are removed, the accident damage is rectified and then the vehicle proceeds to the paint department. Once in the paint department the vehicle is prepared for painting and refinished in the recommended materials using state-of-the-art paint systems and equipment before moving into refit where the parts are fitted and checked for operation and alignment.

Coordination of resources and full utilisation of time are key here to maximise the bodyshop's productivity. Pinetree has the solutions to help you do this.

How our products help

Advance powers repair productivity

Stage loading
Achieve better utilisation of resources through the Advance Stage Loading functionality. This giving you complete visibility of your shop floor job status, available resources and capacity, enabling you to allocate work to productive or productive teams, to minimise 'idle time' and maximise productivity.

Real-time Resource Planning Module
Our industry-leading resource planning module drives production through mobile data capture and provides a clear visual workshop status. User-selectable views and colour-coded highlights draw attention to any potential problems, allowing you to take action to keep the job on schedule or change the priority.

Proactive Workflow
To ensure that each job meets your contractual obligations, proactive workflow works in tandem with Advance’s SLA monitor, enabling alerts and escalations to be sent automatically via on-screen prompts, emails, SMS messages or web updates. This allows managers to respond to non-conformances or delays and address them straight away. For example, the Advance system allows you to assign multiple operatives to a job stage to suit your resource and demand – to give you complete flexibility in managing your workshop productives.

Exceptions found on the shop floor can be notified directly through the Wingman app, for example, if a technician is stripping a vehicle and realises there is more damage than initially estimated, he can flag this directly via the mobile app and Advance will instantly alert the estimator – this happens without anyone leaving their workstation or having to physically check the status.

Intelligent action lists
Designed to display moving information lists, Advance action lists help the repairer to process repairs in the most efficient way and also ensure any exceptions are instantly identified and remedied. Action lists are designated by department to give visibility of status and prompt each department to action the next outstanding activity within their business area; once completed, Advance automatically moves jobs forward to the next stage. Views can be sorted and certain lists can be grouped, e.g. by work provider or manufacturer. Action lists help to reduce inefficiencies in the workshop and administrative friction, ultimately reducing cycle time.

Mobile app (productive)
Advance Wingman delivers on improved proactive workflow, productive time-saving and electronic audit capability, making it a must-have for all repair shops. It gives productive attendance capability, productive time and all productive activities (repair methods, estimate images, take images that automatically assign to a claim, sign off QC stages, view reports – productive reports, attendance, how many hours sold).

Activeweb powers repair progress updates

Exception reporting
Activeweb has an agreed set of standard hashtags and this will trigger into Activeweb a set of standard activities – giving the WP consistent messaging and also allowing them to see any delays and their reasons (e.g. parts delayed, customer choice). This consistency in messaging helps with exception reporting and management – allowing a quick view of the flagged exception for the WP.

Live claim progress visibility
The real power of Activeweb comes from having a complete, consolidated and standardised history available to all authorised parties. Through integration with bodyshop management systems Activeweb provides the claim handler access to full claim history available with data from all parties by simply entering the claim reference or registration.
With the entire claim and repair information available via Activeweb, the claims handler can immediately see everything that has been done so far: the repair progress, the planned completion date, and the details of the courtesy car or replacement vehicle – in real time!
Not only does this reduce unnecessary administrative time and cost for data collection, phone calls and emails, it also enhances customer experience. With the help of Activeweb the policyholder questions can be answered quickly and accurately, offering powerful benefits to the insurer.

Repair status tracker
Keep your customers up to date with the Advance repair status portal. Through the Repair Status portal the policyholder can view the live progress of their vehicle: the portal allows two-way interaction between you and the customer to reduce incoming calls to you and the work provider and to support customer care.
To ensure your policyholders have a consistent experience with your brand, the Activeweb portal can be fully customised to your brand. Pinetree offers seamless white labelling for insurer, repairer and work provider clients, ensuring your brand comes first.

SMS communications
Activeweb provides SMS messaging functionality which enables insurers to proactively update the policyholder on key stages during the claims process. This can be bespoke or scripted text responses to ensure consistency. All information and exchanges are recorded within Activeweb and Advance, offering a consolidated history to support effective customer service.