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During the process of the repair, communication is vital to ensure a positive customer experience. Through the integration of Advance and Activeweb systems this allows two-way interaction between you and the customer to reduce incoming calls to you and the work provider and to support customer care throughout the process.

How our products help

How our products help

Advance powers repair progress updates

Live links to work providers
Advance integrates seamlessly with Activeweb allowing you to seamlessly share repair data from Advance directly to the insurer via Activeweb without the need for manual input of data and rekeying. This gives work providers visibility and transparency of repair progress and visibility of any nominated updates / activities made in Advance without the need for manual intervention. This allows repairers to focus on their core business while meeting their target SLAs – in turn also reducing calls into the bodyshop.

Audit trails
Advance tracks the entire claim process by recording each individual action with the date and time, building a complete and detailed activity list from every telephone call to every deleted part. From the initial notification right through to the final invoice being paid – everything is tracked and this audit trail is constantly available, giving the bodyshop a complete picture of what is happening and allowing effective management.

SMS / email capability
Using Activeweb functionality, all Advance modules have full communication capability and can be configured to send messages manually or automatically at any point via SMS or email. For example, you could automatically send an SMS to a customer asking them to contact you to arrange book-out as soon as the QC stage is passed, or an email could be sent automatically to an insurer where the policyholder could not be contacted in time.

Activeweb powers repair progress updates

Exception reporting
Activeweb has an agreed set of standard hashtags and this will trigger into Activeweb a set of standard activities – giving the WP consistent messaging and also allowing them to see any delays and their reasons (e.g. parts delayed, customer choice). This consistency in messaging helps with exception reporting and management – allowing a quick view of the flagged exception for the WP.

Live claim progress visibility
The real power of Activeweb comes from having a complete, consolidated and standardised history available to all authorised parties. Through integration with bodyshop management systems Activeweb provides the claim handler access to full claim history available with data from all parties by simply entering the claim reference or registration.
With the entire claim and repair information available via Activeweb, the claims handler can immediately see everything that has been done so far: the repair progress, the planned completion date, and the details of the courtesy car or replacement vehicle – in real time!
Not only does this reduce unnecessary administrative time and cost for data collection, phone calls and emails, it also enhances customer experience. With the help of Activeweb the policyholder questions can be answered quickly and accurately, offering powerful benefits to the insurer.

Repair status tracker
Keep your customers up to date with the Advance repair status portal. Through the Repair Status portal the policyholder can view the live progress of their vehicle: the portal allows two-way interaction between you and the customer to reduce incoming calls to you and the work provider and to support customer care.
To ensure your policyholders have a consistent experience with your brand, the Activeweb portal can be fully customised to your brand. Pinetree offers seamless white labelling for insurer, repairer and work provider clients, ensuring your brand comes first.

SMS communications
Activeweb provides SMS messaging functionality which enables insurers to proactively update the policyholder on key stages during the claims process. This can be bespoke or scripted text responses to ensure consistency. All information and exchanges are recorded within Activeweb and Advance, offering a consolidated history to support effective customer service.